Friday, August 21, 2015

Poster Review - The Hateful Eight

Quentin Tarantino's 8th film is variedly named as The Hateful Eight/The H8ful Eight/The Hateful 8. It is a dream project by Tarantino, but that dream turned into a nightmare when the film's script leaked and became public. Tarantino immediately decided not to make this a movie, rather change the script to a novel. But after a public reading arrangement of the leaked script this visionary director decided to make feature film again. The film would be ready for a release on the Christmas Day, 2015.

So, how are the posters of one of the most awaited movies of this year have been? Different types of posters are used on different time and occasion for The Hateful Eight. Tarantino released two teaser poster long ago with some gory atmosphere all around. Here are those two posters.

'Obviously bloody'
This first teaser poster is quite simple, as only fonts are speaking and speaking a lot. Look at the 8 of the 'h8ful'. No poster of Tarantino is actually complete without blood. Come on!

'Yes, it's God damn Western!'
Second one is about a revolver or a boot, but both of which actually would explain it as an Western film, obviously with a blood red background. Great one as a teaser poster. 

After these 'above reviewed' posters the production began and Tarantino took some time to release two more posters dedicated to give hints of the storyline and also to show the gory affection of himself.

'Red and white contrast'
Here the first poster is showing a stagecoach running through icy trail and leaving blood behind. White background is actually depicting ice and for that redness of the blood is getting more prominent. Idea is obviously Tarantino styled and it is definitely lovable.


This second one is actually telling more than any previous ones. We can see a hilly road, where the blood is abruptly shattered here and there. There is a hut up on the hill and two characters are heading towards the top as some are waiting. This one is really more descriptive and thoughtful.

Two recent posters were also released days ago. So how these posters have been. Let's check.

'Mexican it is'
Here on this package of posters we would meet new characters of the film. This one here is - The Mexican. One by one we would know all the characters as we see eight marks on the background. One Grey one (out of other seven red) actually suggesting that 'look this is the one we are mentioning'. The posters seems bit average to me.    
'Promising but...'
Similar to the previous one but it actually looks better. The same formula as here as two of the marks are Grey out of eight. So we are talking about two characters here. One is 'The Hangman' and the other is 'The Prisoner'. With the background of hillside the poster looks promising but bit stereotypical same as one we mentioned earlier.   

(Last update is that there are more posters on the web on the serialization of last two posters)   

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