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Passenger Discography in 06 Magnetic Album Covers

A band named Passenger actually emerged to British music arena on 2003, when a guy named Michael David Rosenberg teamed up with another guy named Andrew Phillips in a quite place in Britain named Brighton. As a multiple member band, at the year 2007 they released their first album by the name Wicked Men's Rest and that's it! They broke up afterwards. Rosenberg decided to make a single career and chose the stage-name 'Passenger' to break into the industry. Since then Rosenberg aka. Passenger rewrote the history of modern folk rock. His 06 albums are rich of folk or Indie rock tracks and generally have highly positive reviews around the World.

The Poster World would look into all the album artworks by Passenger (the solo Rosenberg one) as all of their artworks are hypnotic and bit surreal. Let's have fun with some amazing arts.

1. Wide Eyes Blind Love - 2009
Debut album by Passenger 'Wide Eyes Blind Love'
A crow is caught in the middle of a life and death situation. Crows have been a favorite subject for Mr. Rosenberg as on a later artwork he again used a crow. But look at this crow. Does Rosenberg meant himself as the crow as his songs of this album been bit depressing (though i didn't feel so)? There is a possibility he might be going through a transition with his career at that time and it reflected on the cover.

2. Divers and Submarines - 2010
Deep down the sea level
This cover is really amazing! Look at the color and all kinds of stuff from deep sea. The cover actually has the power to force you to buy the album, not a matter if you have or haven't heard previous albums. Mr. Rosenberg is an avid art enthusiast and he made sure that his cover should as soft and easy his songs. This super cool cover artwork really made me to write about the album covers of Passenger.

3. Flight of the Crow - 2010
Crow and Suitcases
[Copyright- Passenger, Inertia]
The start of the joint cooperation by David Rosenberg himself and brilliant artist Sarah Larnach, for all of the next album covers. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand the magical brilliance of this cover. It's just exquisite in every possible sense. Look at the shapes, colors and gravitational placements of those suitcases. Look at the big crow carrying a long grass or something like that. Even that unknown thing is colorful. The fonts of the artist name is same as the previous cover, but the placement of that name is great.

4. All the Little Lights - 2012
There are mysteries behind little lights
[Copyright- Black Crow]

Another beautiful work by Sarah Larnach. She says on her blog that, the real cover is not just a flat image, but it is made of 5 different painted layers and also outlines. The whole process generation for this cover art was inspired by the printmaking she did on her art school. There were also some extra papers with this album, where Larnach drew few lightening images, So all are not only little lights.

5. Whispers - 2014 
Whispers I
[Copyright- Black Crow]
This is probably one of the best album covers you would see in recent times. This whispering tells more and more than it actually shows. Larnach speaks out on her blog about the cover and says that Rosenberg came up with the idea at first and they cemented that idea with inspirational books from writers such as Blyton, Potter, Dick & Jane books. She also says that she got spoiled as she was working with such clever musicians who care about every aspect of their craft.

6. Whispers II - 2015
Whispers II
[Copyright- Black Crow]
Another classic cover by Sarah Larnach. It's the second edition of Whispers after the previous got huge acclaim worldwide. But this second edition was prepared to help the UNICEF by the profit margin of this album. The lady sitting on the bench was inspired by Larnach's own mother, who actually posed for this cover. Larnach wanted to make sure looks like 20. I am sure she is successful. Nice color, simple and beautiful artwork.   

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