Tuesday, February 2, 2016

10 Witty Deadpool Posters

Deadpool, one of the most awaited film of the year, is creating a lot of buzz throughout the universe and it has release date just two days before the Valentine's Day 2016. The marketing for this Marvel production has been phenomenal. Some really witty and funny posters along with trailers were released in last six months. All of this hit the right bottom of the audience. So mouth of word for this film is already very impressive. The Poster World brings to you 10 witty Deadpool posters, that attracted the fan base for this new Marvel franchise. All the posters are described by the characteristics of the poster.

1. Raw, Foul Mouthed and Aggressive

'Real Deadpool'

'The poster text is about getting a load of our anti-hero and the look is really gross and totally Deadpool in style'

TPW Rating- 4/5      

2. Mocking Other Superpowers (Part 1)

'Mocker Deadpool'

'Its really funny that Marvel comes up with the idea of mocking their heavyweight DC Comics opponents. Fine thing is they do it with style and courage.'

TPW Rating- 3.5/5      

3. Mocking Other Superpowers (Part 2)

'Mocker Deadpool of Gotham'

'Why not Batman too? Deadpool made a semi-pro batman logo look like a classy one. Half dark half light look of the bad mouth guy is super funny.'

TPW Rating- 4/5      

4. Even Mocking Mocking Jay!

'Mr. J Law Deadpool'

'This one is funniest of all. Even Jennifer Lawrence would have been really proud of that chest! It gives a hint how cheesy and pervert Deadpool can be' 

TPW Rating- 4/5

5. Human side of a Super Hero 

'Deadpool on a High Neck Sweater'

'No super hero fan on their wildest imagination can think of favorite hero on a high neck sweater. But Deadpool is a new class of super hero brother. What can you say?'

TPW Rating- 5/5      

6. Cuddling side of a Super Hero (Part 1)

'Deadpool for Kids'

'Deadpool perfectly hits on the basic question of responsibility. Why a super hero has to be responsible? Because our studios said so? We, audience also have a question to Deadpool. Can he break this rule? Let's see'

TPW Rating- 3.5/5      

7. Cuddling side of a Super Hero (Part 2)

'New Face of Justice- Deadpool'

'Another unrealistic super hero look by Deadpool. So it gives us an impression of Deadpool's thoughts about the justice system.'

TPW Rating- 4/5      

8.Using Bodyparts
'Deadpool Has Great Ass'

'Hardly a super hero's ass became useful on last hundred years film industry. Deadpool broke the norm and we would say why not?'

TPW Rating- 4.5/5      

9. Loving, Caring and Affectionate (Part 1)

'Lover Deadpool'

'The idea of Valentine's Day perfectly blends with Deadpool's vision and philosophy! Yes, it was a very bad joke. But please believe producers of the film didn't think differently'

TPW Rating- 4/5      

10. Loving, Caring and Affectionate (Part 2) 

'Deadpool Has Nothing But Love'

'Last but not least this poster actually shocked a hell out of everybody. So, Deadpool is going to be Ryan Reynolds romancing movie? Be sure, it isn't going to be like that.'

TPW Rating- 4.5/5      

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