Saturday, November 21, 2015

03 Album Covers from Adele Discography

Adele is a popular and acclaimed singer-song writer of British origin. Her career kick started when one of Adele's friend posted a demo of her singing on Myspace on 2006 and since then the rest is history. After a commercially and critically successful demo album named 19, she never had to look back. She achieved extraordinary successes throughout his career by acquiring almost all possible awards and also wrote her name on Guinness Book of World Records.

The album covers of Adele are quite simple as those actually depict only the facial expressions of her. But also express her age and maturity as a singer and celebrity. The Poster World brings to you all three of her album covers and rate them as per the total output.  

1. 19 (2008)
Copyright- XL Recordings
Adele released her first album 19 on 28th January, 2008 with great commercial and critical success. Songs like 'Chasing Pavements','Hometown Glory' and many more topped charts on many countries of the World. At the age of only 19, she gained instant fame and awarded on different ceremonies. After this album many critics were assuming the World is getting it's new International star. The cover design of the first album doesn't show the full faced Adele, instead it does give an impression of a calm and quiet Adele. Obviously for any woman 19 is an important age, as it is a transition period when a girl turns into woman. That's a possibility for the down to earth look of her. It's mystique and subtle.

TPW Rating- 3.5/5

2. 21 (2011)

Copyright- XL Recordings and Columbia Records
During the production process of this second album by Adele, she was suffering from personal problem as during that time she had broke up with her boyfriend. But as the album ultimately finished, it became another commercial and critical success. The album also made it's name on Guinness Book of World Records by topping UK Top Chart with two two consecutive albums and songs. Again on the cover Adele looks like on a restful mood and looking down as before. Black and white face of Adele makes the album look like a little bit desolate and tragic. Fonts are really good.

TPW Rating- 4/5
3. 25 (2015)

Copyright- XL Recordings
Third album by Adele wouldn't have been possible if she hadn't change the decision of quitting music industry. She was going through a long patch of non-creativity and couldn't write songs for a long time. It took some time to reset Adele's mind to do music again. The album released on 20th November 2015 and gained commercial success. Her song 'Hello' released on October and was an instant success with 436 million hits on Youtube for the video (by the count on 21st November 2015). Another simple cover by Adele with her face straight to the listeners and audiences. Does it mean maturity or presence with a certain personality? May be.

TPW Rating- 4/5 

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