Monday, January 11, 2016

05 Top Album Covers from David Bowie Discography

The legendary musician David Bowie departs with a great career behind him. Throughout his career he had been one of the greatest and most popular British music figure in the Earth. His musical contribution is unparalleled to many of his time. Bowie culturally influenced generation after generation and created pop phenomena. On 8th January, 2016 Bowie released his final album named Blackstar and only after two days, on 10th January, 2016 Bowie died of cancer after suffering for 18 months.

The Poster World present it's tribute to this great artist by revisiting five of the best album covers from his glorious career.

1. The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars (1972)
Copyright- RCA Records
This fifth concept album by David Bowie is named after a fictional rock star named Ziggy Stardust. The cover for this album was really fascinating if we take notice of the time. Old, colorless buildings with dark clouds on piece of sky used as the background, most probably to build the inner of that fictional rock star. Mysterious and enchanting!

TPW Rating- 4/5
2. Diamond Dogs (1974)
Copyright- RCA
This eighth studio album by Bowie is also a concept album. You can see three human beings are somehow converted to dog. If you see the full cover (which is not shown on this cover) you would see Bowie himself had a pair of dog-like legs. This controversial artwork was done by Belgian master artist Guy Peellaert. It created buzz because on the main cover somehow the genitalia of one character was visible, which later was removed. But whatever the controversy is the cover looks brave and post modern.

TPW Rating- 3.5/5
3. Station to Station (1976)
Copyright- RCA Records
Regarded as one of the most important album by Bowie, Station to Station is his 10th studio production. The cover of the album was taken from a Bowie starrer film named The Man Who Fell to Earth, directed by Nicolas Roeg. As album artwork it looks fabulously intriguing.

TPW Rating- 4/5
4. Tonight (1984)
Copyright- EMI America
This is the 16th album by David Bowie and released on 1984. This cover shows Bowie gazing towards ceiling with a colorful flowery background behind him. Things match quite good and creates a romantic feel all in all. Subtle and beautiful!

TPW Rating- 3.5/5 

5. The Next Day (2013)   
Copyright- ISO and Columbia
Bowie returned with his 24th album after a 10 years break from music. This cover is quite significant because this is an adapted version of another album cover by Bowie. 39 years ago, on 1977 Bowie released his album Hero and it had the cover of young David Bowie. With The Next Day, Bowie wanted to step into the nest chapter of his career and that's why it was named so. Intelligent and emotional!

TPW Rating- 4.5/5  

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