Monday, November 23, 2015

Top 04 Posters from Tom Hooper Films

Academy award winner director Tom Hooper is coming with his new film The Danish Girl (2015) this coming Friday, 27th November 2015. At the age of 12, Hooper decided to become a film director after he got in touch with a book on film and television. After two years Hooper made a film named Bomber Jacket, which got Runner-up on BBC Younger Filmmakers' Competition. Since that time Hooper never had to look back at his career. He made several Television productions and five feature length films.

From the illustrious career of Tom Hooper, The Poster World brings to you four of the best theatrical posters. There are some definite big names among those and let's see how can we rate those films' posters.

1. The Damned United (2009)
Copyright- BBC Films, Left Bank Pictures, Screen Yorkshire

This film is about the great English football manager Brian Clough, who had a glorious career with average football teams. This 2009 sports drama Michael Sheen on the lead and he himself was on the cover, posing like a true manager. Cover looks stylish and meaningful. There are straight lines through the mid-area of the poster emblemed with different stills from the movie. Typical English poster!

TPW Rating- 4/5

2. The King's Speech (2010)
Copyright- UK Film Council, See-Saw Films, Bedlam Productions
The King's Speech is the pathway film for Tom Hooper. This David Seidler written 2010 drama won Hooper Best Director Award at Academy Awards. Film won four of them in total at Oscar. This critically and commercially successful film had some great covers. Among those the presented one at the site is the bench marker. It kind of gives an impression about the story. Deep yellow background and red font colors has mixed quite well and audience start to guess immediately that the film may be a jolly minded one or a comedy maybe. Which is somewhat true you would know when you see the film.

TPW Rating- 4.5/5  
3. Les Miserables (2012)
Copyright- Relativity Media, Studio Canal, Working Title Films, Cameron Mackintosh Ltd. 
With a sensational ensemble cast, this epic drama proved to be a successful film by Hooper. Based on 1862 novel by Victor Hugo, Les Miserables proved to be a great film at Academy Awards, as it received eight nominations and won three of them. There were individual posters for individual characters. But an ensemble poster was chosen for rating. It's typical poster and looks like a studio based film with big stars dazzling.

TPW Rating- 3/5

4. The Danish Girl (2015)
Copyright- Working Title, Pretty Pictures, Revision Pictures, Senator Global Productions
Film is based on real life events of Lili Elbe, first recipient of sex reassignment surgery. As Hooper is a specialist on Autobiographical films, it's sure that the film would come out really good. Eddie Redmayne returns to this film after his Academy Award winning film Theory of Everything and is co-joined by Swedish actress Alicia Vakander. Poster released months ago and looks classy and colorful! It gives a nostalgic impression of bygone era. Redmayne looks perfect for his role.

TPW Rating- 4/5 

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