Monday, December 21, 2015

04 Cool Poster Design from Sofia Coppola Films

Sofia Coppola is one of the most established female film directors of present time. She won Academy Awards for Best Original Screenplay for the critically acclaimed film Lost in Translation in 2013. She is daughter of master director Francis Ford Coppola. Tough she started her career as an actress but ended up as a stylist and creative film director. On 4th December, she released her latest film named on great Bill Murray, A Very Murray Christmas, exclusively on Netflix. On this occasion The Poster World brings to you 04 of the best posters from Sofia Coppola's filmography.

1. The Virgin Suicides (1999)
[Copyright- American Zoetrope, Muse Productions, Eternity Pictures]

Cover of the first film by Coppola is as stylistic as her film. Frames of different width and distance we see on the middle of the cover are actually the way Coppola visualizes films. Fonts and background colors are very well matched. Subtle and beautiful!

TPW Rating- 4/5

2. Lost in Translation (2003)
[Copyright- American Zoetrope, Tohokushinsha Films]
Our favorite Bill Murray on the poster! You can not deny the presence of Bill Murray itself a huge plus point for the design. Look at the Tokyo city behind him, look at the texture of the hotel room. A very good composition as a whole and look Murray is gazing straight to camera. Simplistic and joyful!

TPW Rating- 5/5

3. Somewhere (2010)

[Copyright- Pathe, Medusa Film, Tohokushinsha Films, American Zoetrope]
A father-daughter story told by this single poster quite easily. If you've got the synopsis of the movie you would easily communicate with it. A posh hotel along with a beautiful green garden is present on the poster. Look at the contrast of font colors with the green. Cool and calm design!

TPW Rating- 3.5/5
4. The Bling Ring (2013)
[Copyright- American Zoetrope, NALA Films]
Poster of this film is very teen-like, as it actually depicts the storyline of the film. Look at the dress up, the cheesy fonts and urban scenery behind. These are actually carrying the idea of a teen based movie for all. Again a stylish poster by Coppola!

TPW Rating- 3.5/5 

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