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One Hundred Years of Solitude in 20 Amazing Penguin Covers

One Hundred Years of Solitude is not only a book, whoever read this knows pretty well that it's more than a written manuscript in anyway. Few called it a revelation of modern literature, and few called it best ever novel or literary work in any language in last 50/60 years. Only recently passed away Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the mastermind behind this larger than life epic, is remembered all around the world largely for this mesmerizing One Hundred Years of Solitude.

This novel has been one of the best selling books in last 100 years and is a Penguin publishers classic. There were many amazing book covers of Hundred Years of Solitude prepared by Penguin in different times. The Poster World dig into 20 of those amazing covers.

01. The Green One:


'The Coconut Cover'
This greenish pro-nature cover is quite soothing as well as it expresses a certain solitude all over the graphics work. One single coconut tree from differently zoomed frames may not give you the idea of vast world Marquez crated, but it actually unfolds the lone but full of life concept we have of Latin world.

2. The Off Yellow One:

Book Cover
'The Tree Log'

So, is it a tree log? Or water? Or something else? Think whatever you like to think. We are not going to reveal or help. 

3. What's on the Blue:

'The Wonder Animal'
Seriously what's this on the blue? Is it a hen? It seems like a hen. A giant hen producing multiple eggs. Look there is also a pointer indicating to those eggs. Is it symbolizing the mother of all kinds of solitudes. Perhaps! 

4. The Culturally Correct One:

'Field of Grass with Shawl & Fish'

This cover is quite mind blowing as it represents the Latin culture quite well. It is all about living and cultural orientation of the people of Latin area on the main book. It shows a long shawl of different color pallets and a not quite straight line of fish on the grass of a hill. The journey of a lifetime is quite present here.

5. Black Tree Red Tree:

'Black Tree up on The Hill'

Yes, the mother is there on the top. Yes, she is black. It doesn't mean she was black from the start, it is more of a what she becomes at last. Yes, after hundred years of solitude. On those red trees, mother is looking to build up her family tree.  

6. Eyeball vs. Solar System:

'Eyeball or what?'

It is probably an eyeball and I have no doubt that this is eyeball of human or fish. But there is a rare possibility that it could be the some kind of solar system. A solar system of solitary mind. No? OK.

7. The Girl with The Bird:

'The Girl & The Bird'

This is one of my favorite. The whole poster has a feel good look as well as a depressing tone. The girl and the bird staring at their left and don't really understand what are they seeing. The use of yellow with the name of the book actually clicks the right point.

8. The Ancient One:


This cover is quite awesome! It has a fade out ancient feel allover the front and the back page. There is a key on the middle of the front page and it actually tells a lot of things about the story we are heading towards.

9. Uniform & The Bullet on The Teeth:


This one is bit funny. But this cover actually resembles the main story somehow, but obviously it has it's own funny way to describe itself. The very first sequence of the story gives us an indication about one Buendia, who is going to die on a firing squad. As that Buendia is a uniform holder, so it fits just well. The use of color is also very much impressive.   

10. The Fish and The Ant Circle:

'Fish and Ant'

All the fishes are circling and all the ants are making another circle to cover those fishes. Hmm... it's quite weird, but nice actually. It's bit delusional and paranormal in some sense. Seems like all are making circles and circles, like the circle of life. 

11. The Head Scarf:

'Scarf or...'
Seriously I don't get it quite well. But it looks good as a cover. Is it a head scarf? Or something else? It's kind of mysterious in my opinion. Now I'm seriously think the heading should have been 'An Idiot's Guide to...' or something like this.

12. It's All in the Brain:

'Inside the Brain'

The face we see on the cover is a face of woman. Obviously my thinking settles upon the mother character of the main story. Yes 'One Hundred Years of Solitude' of her obviously is one her brain, and the way to reach there is definitely Mr. Marquez himself. 

13. Solitude at Its Most Solitary form:

'The Solitary Cover'

It seems everything is fading from this cover. Every single thing that exists. There are hidden shadows, magical moments and bygone spots of nostalgia all over the main story. The reflection is quite clear with this unclear version of the cover.  

14. The One with Birds:

'All About Birds'
Yes! I got this one. This cover is all about birds. Why birds? It's because... hmm i thought I understood this one. But, no. But I liked the cover for some mysterious reasons. If you get the clue please let me know. 

15. The Ghost Tree:

'Ghost Tree'

Why it's a ghost tree? It's because the branches of the trees made the title of the new book. It's basic man! Yes! I can understand too. Thank you! Yes, not many leaves are there left on that tree. Got some clue? Is it the mother figure of... no I'm not going to reveal anymore. 

16. One with Flowers:

'Fruits and Flowers'
No, the book is not a book of boredom and depression. If you thought so you are the one who is betrayed by the name of the book. The book is about celebrating the life. Yes, the life in the Latin world is full of mystic and magic, along with the very humanity they hold together expressed through their family traditions and rituals. The color is everywhere. The life is fully nurtured by the nature. They give you everything you need. Fruits, flowers and whatever you need in life. It also holds solitude and despair on certain level. The despair and the celebration of life are holding each other's hand.  

17. The Flower in a Jungle:

'The Jungle Book'
The cover is simple and pro-nature. Obviously the cover doesn't represent any character of the story, but is full of Latin touch on it. The yellow flower we see might have some significant meaning on this cover. No, I can't define it. 

18. The Chair and The Mop:

'Chair and the Mop'

One of my favorite covers from Penguin. There is an ancient chair, and yes it looks like it was made on the years dinosaurs used to rule. Also there is a mop. There is nothing I can talk about this mop. No, nothing. But as a whole the cover reflects a sheer loneliness and solitude. Oh! I forgot to tell that there is a closed window too.   

19. Hand on Hand:

'Pair of Hands'
The theme is quite cinematic! Hand on hand. Yes, it's quite what the story tried to say to us. The relationship and the family is all and everything about holding each others hand. But look, there is a dark background beneath the hands. So it doesn't matter how strong your hand is, it's all about the situation.  

20. The Decorated Leaves

'Soothing One'

This cover is a gentle and moderate one. The color of it is quite refreshing with a real soothing feel. Drawn white leaves are well painted and also the title has feel of leaves all around. Fonts are quite catchy, and give an impression of fairytale.  

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