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Paolo Sorrentino Films on 07 Great Posters

Paolo Sorrentino may not be the most familiar name you have heard in cinema, but there is a possibility that you have already watched his 2013 masterpiece 'The Great Beauty'. Sorrentino started his career as a screen writer, but within 15 years of full length feature career he established himself as one of the pioneer of new Italian cinema. Italy has always been the place for master filmmakers, and Sorrentino is actually continuing the age old tradition. His most recent film 'Youth', starring Michael Caine was recently screened on Cannes film festival.

The Poster World presents to you all 07 of his film posters from start to the latest one.

1. One Man Up (L'uomo in piĆ¹) - 2001   
'One Man Up'
The grand directorial debut of Paolo Sorrentino, also his first feature film venture with actor Toni Servillo. The film depicts story of two parallel lives, one of a pop singer and another one is of a footballer who's career is cut short by injuries. The poster shows a bald Mr. Servillo gazing at some corner with a band aid on his forehead. Rich blend of red behind the character makes a powerful composition with obviously the white dotted shirt Mr. Servillo wearing. 
2. The Consequence of Love (Le conseguenze dell'amore) - 2004
'The Consequence of Love'
Second venture of Paolo Sorrentino tells a story of a lone businessman, who lives in a Swiss hotel room and story reaches different heights through him. Toni Servillo plays the protagonist along with actress Olivia Magnani. Poster shows a long escalator with a man. A certain loneliness is allover the composition. Obviously it gives us an indication of the character as well as the film. 

3. The Family Friend (L'amico di famiglia) - 2006
'The Family Friend'
This feature film by Sorrentino introduce us to Gicomo Rizzo starred character Geremia, a repulsive man obsessed with landing money from others. All of the Sorrentino movies hold a certain solitude allover the poster. This one also is not out of that criteria. We see a face half shown and half covered by a bandage like cloth. So how could we see the eyes and nose? It's another half! Ok... I'm weak on math.
4. Il Divo - 2008
'Il Divo'
Il Divo is a 2008 biographical film, tells us the story of one of the most talked about politician and former Italian Prime MInister Giulio Andreotti. This is another film poster od Sorrentino where we can't see the full face of the protagonist character. Looks like the character is standing on some kind of witness box or something, wearing a dark suit. Yes, this poster also consists loneliness.
5. This Must Be The Place - 2011
'This Must Be The Place'
'This Must Be The Place' is the first English venture of Paolo Sorrentino. This Sean Penn starred film tells us the story of a retired pop singer, who is trying to return to the music arena again. The poster is quite straight cut, as we see Mr. Penn, and his look and expression gives us an impression on how the character could turn out to be.    

6. The Great Beauty (La grande bellezza) - 2013
'The Great Beauty'
Probably the best film by Paolo Sorrentino. 'The Great Beauty' participated on the competition for prestigious Palme d'Or. Later the film won Oscar from Best Foreign Film category. Story is about one time novelist Jep Gambardella, who is at the age of 65, still searching for the great beauty, the inspiration for his next novel. The poster of 'The Great Beauty' is astounding and again depicts loneliness of the colorful character. It also gives us an indication of the presence of Italian culture and tradition on this film.
7. Youth - 2015
Paolo Sorrentino directed 'Youth' is the second English language movie by Sorrentino, starring the great Michael Caine, Rachel Wiesz and Paul Dano. The story is about a retired orchestra conductor on a trip to Alps with his daughter. The poster of this film is probably character wise the most dense poster of his films. There are three different characters! It's quite unbelievable for a Sorrentino film. The poster also gives us a certain indication of passing holidays with certain 'Youth'!

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