Saturday, October 3, 2015

03 Great Album Covers from Mumford & Sons Discography

Critically and commercially acclaimed Mumford & Sons is a British band concentrates their music on alternative rock and folk rock genre. Four members of this band have very good hand on different types of musical instruments and it reflects on their music also. With the first album Sigh No More (2009), Mumford & Sons achieved Brit Award for Best British Album in 2011. Their next album Babel (2012), won prestigious Album of the Year on Grammy Awards. As a band Mumford & Sons have made their name with exquisite lyrics and soothing use of instruments and music.

The Poster World would bring to you album covers from 03 released albums by Mumford & Sons.

1. Sigh No More (2009)
Debut album by Mumford & Sons. Cover was taken from the front side of a furniture store on famous King's Road, London. Few of the mad followers of the band are always present at this particular shop. Four of the members are present there on the window and if you take a close close look you would see there is someone on the left window on the first floor. OK. Do they want to mean something we don't know? Who knows? Whatever, the cover is cool and should say 'simplicity at it's best'.

TPW Rating: 5/5

2. Babel (2012)
What is this babel thing? It means a confused kind of noise, which is typically made by few voices. Few voices? I guess it could be a band. Previous cover of the band had a mysterious face into it; the same goes on with this poster. Look at the background. All the human face are blurring but look closely to the left window. Yes, a face is looking straight at the camera like the band. It could be the face of the producer Markus Dravs or may be someone else. As a whole the poster is puzzling and composed.

TPW Rating: 5/5 

3. Wilder Mind (2015)
This is a minimalist approach on the cover by the band. An empty bench. It is an album where they wanted to get free from the traditional acoustics and from folk genre they were used to play. They left their long term producer Markus Dravs on the way. Does this cover (with the bench) represent the idea that they are actually leaving their roots and staring towards cityscapes? May be, may be not. Cover is refreshing and says a lot by not saying. 

TPW Rating: 5/5

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