Thursday, October 1, 2015

Darren Aronofsky Filmography on 06 Marvelous Posters

Darren Aronofsky is one the most prominent American film directors alive. Along with direction he also does his duty of being a screenwriter and film producer. Aronofsky's films are disturbing and surreal in some sense, but visually they are very striking. After successful first film Pi (1998), Requiem for A Dream (2000) and films like The Wrestler (2008) and Black Swan (2010) have been really out of formula and depicted a new kind of story telling. For his works Aronofsky achieved many recolonizations such as a nomination for Best Director on Academy Awards.

The posters of Aronofsky films are weired and minimalist. On his posters he focuses on certain things like use of one single eye or a single face, which is very risky if the commercial angle is thought thoroughly. Let's see how Aronofsky executed his posters for the 06 films he directed.

1. Pi (1998)
The first film by Darren Aronofsky got Best Direction award on Sundance Film Festival, which is really very appreciable achievement. As the film title refers to the math symbol of pi, Aronofsky wanted to show that symbol on the poster. On another poster one facial expression was given as background with the symbol in front. With a petty budget of $68,000, this film gained more than it expected. Poster of the film is showing the symbol of pi with a back light projection. Cool and composite!   

TPW Rating: 3/5

2. Requiem for A Dream (2000)
The film is all about drugs. Drugs have different dimensions and we all are deeply affected by them- that's the basic theme of the film. So when it came to the point to design the poster for the film, first thing should have appeared on the mind of Aronofsky is how easily the eyes change. On the film the change of eyes were shown on different scenes while taking drugs. The poster is on average OK, but with that single eye this poster becomes something more than alright.

TPW Rating: 4/5   

3. The Fountain (2006)

The Fountain was a dream project by Darren Aronofsky, but for the budget reason the film was on the risk of getting the light. After cutting the budget to half he got the nod to do the film. Film looks great though it was poorly received on box office. Poster of the film gives us a science based impression but it is hard to understand it properly if you haven't watch the movie first. There are two characters and a strange tree. But they don't actually mean anything or tell us to watch the film.

TPW Rating: 2/5 

4. The Wrestler (2008)
Micky Rourke gave an extraordinary performance on this film and blew everyone's mind apart. Again a minimalist film poster, not showing Rourke's character's face properly to general people. But what the poster surely deliver is it introduce us to someone who is standing tired in front of darkened arena of Wrestling. It gives us an idea of the story intelligently.

TPW Rating: 4/5

5. Black Swan (2010)
This critically and commercially successful psychological thriller is one of the best films by Aronofosky. The film told the story of a ballet dancer, who faces extreme pressure on taking the role of a protagonist on the ballet Swan Lake. The poster definitely depicts the idea of the film story with the face of the character of Natalie Portman. No it doesn't quite explains the tension and psychological tide of the character but it gives an uncanny feeling, gives an impression that something is not right with that expression. Bold and otherworldly! 

TPW Rating: 5/5      

6. Noah (2014)
The biggest budget for a film Aronofsky ever got and for that studio had a lot of influence on the film. But Aronofsky dreamed of this project from his childhood, so this thing had to be true. Poster of the film is not like Aronofsky's previous ones, but the poster had to deal with a bigger scenario as it had to depict that the World is near to the end. Again we don't see the face of Russel Crowe as Noah himself. It has an ancient as well as larger than life feel to it.

TPW Rating: 3.5/5    

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