Sunday, January 3, 2016

04 Dreamlike Album Art from Baroness

Baroness is an American heavy metal band originated from Virginia and established on 2003. Many members of the band actually united under Baroness when almost all of them came from two other bands named Johnny Welfare and Paychecks. In last 12 years they have produced 04 fine music albums with critical and popular success. Along with the music, album artworks of Baroness also have generated massive praise. Last 18 December 2015, Baroness released their album no.4 Purple.

The Poster World brings to you all 04 dreamlike artworks from Baroness.   Artworks of all o4 albums were created by the Vocal and rhythm guitarist of the band John Dyer Baizley.  

1. Red Album (2007)
Copyright- Relapse Records
Artwork from Baizley is really remarkable. Use of red, background, birds, human body shapes along with blank expressions make this cover an amazing one. This theme was followed on later album covers too.

TPW Rating- 5/5
2. Blue Record (2009)
Copyright- Relapse Records
Another similar composition by Baizley. Again use of two figures blended with the color mentioned on album name. Use of nature with two beautiful ladies making this cover a celebration of art.

TPW Rating- 5/5

3. Yellow & Green (2012)
Copyright- Relapse Records
This time Baizley gets bit violent. There are human figures with few flamingos surrounding them. One lady is carrying flamed candle on her head, a sword on her hand and another's head is pinned. Mysteriously haunting!

TPW Rating- 4.5/5

4. Purple (2015)
Copyright- Abraxan Hymns
Another artwork inspired by the influence of nature. There are animals, flowers, sky lines and flowers all around 04 naked human figures. Baizley illustrated a perfect blend of his thought and with this cover really established his own language on art. Beautifully moving!

TPW Rating- 5/5

For more artworks from John Dyer Baizley you can visit- A Perfect Monster

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