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14 Rocking Duran Duran Album Covers - Part 01

Duran Duran is one of the most influential and popular rock/pop band of not only UK, but also has fame among genuine pop lovers around the world. They were one of the most important bands of the MTV generated 'Second British Invasion' in Eighties. There are hints from different marketing point of view that they have sold more than 120 million records worldwide. Duran Duran was fashionable, free minded and liberal with nudity on their music videos. But they were also very ambitious as at that time they started shooting videos with 35 mm. They also established big screen projection on their concerts. Though the band's future was fading on late Nineties, they emerged gloriously and the old 5 members reunited big time. Still Duran Duran winning hearts of millions.

The Poster World would dig into all 14 studio albums by Duran Duran and their coming of age cover art works. On this first part we would discuss about their first 5 album covers from the self-titled debut album.

1. Duran Duran, 1981
Self-titled: Duran Duran
The first thing came to my mind after seeing this album cover was the famous poster of 'A Clockwork Orange'. May be it's bit inspired from that (or may be not). Fashion of Eighties is all over the band members look and dress up. They are standing, facing the camera with different style and trend of that time. Look at the red car and also the red background used. White and black dresses are really engaging a good chemistry. A regular classic cover.

2. Rio, 1982
Remember the lip of 'RIO'
Who is this girl anyway in the cover? This is my first impression after seeing the art work. An ever smiling face. A face you would fall in love easily. Obviously people felt in love with the music of the album. It became one the best British albums ever on different polls. It became so famous that even after thirty plus years the album was seen in a recent release of Tom Cruise named Oblivion. The cover is haunting yet keeping some mysteries on that smile.

3. Seven and the Ragged Tiger, 1983
Tiger based 'Seven and the Ragged Tiger' 
Not only it's a tiger themed album, the cover of it is also quite inspired by tigers. We can see tiger's parts on different corners of the album. The album name originally came from the idea that there are 5 members and 2 managers, so it would be seven and the ragged tiger is the other name of success. The album design also get inspired by these ideas, though the managers are not present on the cover. Or may be they are present by some symbols.  

4. Notorious, 1986
Bit gay cover of 'Notorious'
Inspired by the great film director Alfred Hitchcock and his movie names (like Notorious), this is Duran Duran's fourth album saw the light of a release after many difficulties surrounding the membership of the band. The cover art emphasized on only three members of that time excluding couple of former members. Though their look looks bit gay but in Eighties this cover was probably a super cool stuff.

5. Big Thing, 1988
Look at the Color and font size of 'Big Thing'
One of the big reasons behind the name 'Big Thing' is probably the big change in Duran Duran's musical pattern. In late Eighties the total musical scenario was changing, as more of a groove based ones, dance based music was becoming popular. Duran Duran chose that path and this decision in future would cause a fatal outcome. The font is not attractive at all on this cover. Colors are good but doesn't give a single information about the album. A below average cover in my opinion.

(To be continued)  

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