Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Noah and the Whale Discography on 04 Amazing Posters

Few years back, some of the friends from Twickenham, London were actually enjoying an Indie movie named 'The Squid and The Whale', directed by upcoming new director Noah Baumbach. After the movie finished it immediately became their most favorite movie. They wanted to do something with this exquisite experience. As they were friends and have massive ambition with music, they tried to name their band with the film's name. Instead they chose the first part of director's name and the last part of his movie's name, and named it 'Noah and the Whale'. That's how their little story of 'Indie' success began. Little because they split up recently. Noah and the Whale had created a lot of buzz among young music fans among the world, mostly because of their fresh style of music and youth oriented lyrics. They not only enchanted with music and lyrics, as their album cover also been really catchy. The Poster World (TPW) brings you here 04 really cool album covers of Noah and the Whale.

01. Peaceful, the World Lays Me Down  (2008) 
Peaceful, the World Lays Me Down
This debut album by Noah and the Whale was well received and earned a spot on UK singles top chart. One word to describe this album cover is it's 'peaceful'. Looks like it's kind of a park and there are couple of trees. We can't quite understand those human like figures as those are painted with some 'hard to understand' ideas. It looks good, fonts are catchy but bit complex overall.

TPW Rating: 2.5/5 

2. The First Days of Spring (2009)
The First Days of Spring
This critically acclaimed album raised the popularity of Noah and the Whale by miles. The album cover for this album was really great as it had a fresh Indie look with some questions also raised. Mr. Fink, one of the member of the band, upfront, with a telescope or something and he also is the only focused man on the cover as other members are out of focus behind. Is it indicating that Fink and his personal life inspired this album a lot? May be. May be not.

TPW Rating: 5/5            

3. Last Night on Earth (2011) 
Last Night on Earth
This third album by the band topped the UK chart again and found number 8 position. Music wise it's bit different album than previous ones, because those one's didn't have a song like L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. If you haven't listened it yet, please do. The song is really inspiring. Album cover is the most stylish among others. Use of space and different shape of fonts also give a smart modern look to it. Look below, it also has something to do with the road.

TPW Rating: 4/5

4. Heart of Nowhere (2013)
Heart of Nowhere
The fourth and last album by the band before splitting up. This album also gave a half hour of short film with the album. Look at the cover. It's like people are on the suits of astronauts. Background color is quite similar of the previous album. This cover has a calm, subtle thing about it, also it gives an weired impression.

TPW Rating: 4/5      

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